Sonic Fan Games

As a child, I had an unhealthy obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog. As I started exploring the Internet in the late 90s and early 2000s, I managed to get wrapped up in the Sonic fan game community, where we all try our own takes on the blue blur, sometimes trying to best Sega, and sometimes just trying to amuse our fellow fans. Eventually, after playing so many fan games, I ended up making some games myself - or at least trying. This page chronicles my adventures as a fan game developer, from the early years to the present day. I've made these games under various names over the years, from Ksoft, to TimmyTech, to Monochrome Nightmares, to the present day's Wafflenet. I still do get involved in fan games every once in a while, though I mostly focus on original creations when I'm in a developing mood, but you may still see new things here sometimes!

A lot of these games are quite old and may have minor issues on modern systems. They should at least run, though, so I don't intend to provide extensive support for them, and have no plans to make any attempts at fixing them.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode Min3cart
2022 - Full Game - Created using Construct 3

After he noticed it worked really well in Sonic 4: Episode 1 on mobile, Eggman set up a trap to glue Sonic into a minecart... permanently! Sonic must now defeat Eggman while at the mercy of an unexplainable physics model where changing the camera view causes gravity to shift. Barrel through the levels and try to set a new record!

Created for the Really Amateur Games Expo (RAGE) 2022 game jam in one week. The theme was "Sonic 4: Episode 3". I decided to take the absurdly stupid motion-control minecart levels from the mobile version of S4:E1 and make them even worse. Obviously, this is meant to be intentionally bad, so don't expect much :)
(v1.02 - 12.2 MiB ZIP)
Requires Windows 7 or later and the Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime.

Play online in your browser
(Experimental - has not been extensively tested)

2007 - Unfinished - Created using Multimedia Fusion 2

An early example of a game made using the (at the time new) Sonic Worlds framework, I wanted to put a small project together - figuratively and literally. Then, I started high school and got really distracted and couldn't even finish something with only 4 planned zones. Whoops! This demo from SAGE 2007 is the most that ever got released. Download
(SAGE 2007 Demo - 2.51 MiB ZIP)
Requires Windows 2000/XP or later.

Sonic 5 Revised
2004 - Full Game - Created using Multimedia Fusion 1.5

A "remake" of an unfinished game from my early development days. This fleshes it out into a complete game. Unfortunately, it is absurdly buggy. Download
(4.36 MiB ZIP)
Requires Windows 95 or later.

Sonic 3D Attack
2002 - Full Game - Created using Click & Create (Multimedia Fusion Express)

Eggman made another Death Egg - stop it!

This was the first game I ever made, when I was only 9 years old. While it isn't exactly fun (in fact it is barely a game) I think it's a testament to Clickteam that I could figure out CnC even at such a young age, and make something halfway coherent.
(826 KiB ZIP)
Requires Windows 95 or later.

Sonic 3D Attack 2
2002 - Full Game - Created using Click & Create (Multimedia Fusion Express)

After the events of Sonic 3D Attack 1, the Death Egg has crashed to the ground. Sonic has to destroy the remaining badniks and Eggman.

This was rapidly developed following S3DA1 and already shows massive improvement in my understanding not only of the software, but of what makes a game a game. Now featuring real gameplay and high scores!
(1.00 MiB ZIP)
Requires Windows 95 or later.