BIOS Dumps

These are dumps of ROMs from hardware I own. Most have been dumped using a TL866-II USB programmer, though some were dumped via software means in the case of soldered ROMs. Please note that all images here are copyright their original owners. I am making these available for historic purposes, as most of these are no longer easily obtainable, and so that owners of the original hardware can use them for maintenance and upgrade purposes. Also, I do not provide any support for these images -- I take no responsibilty if you break your hardware by using them. :)

Graphics Cards
CompanyModelBusVersion/DateSizeROM typeNotesDownload
3DLabsPermedia 2VAGP1998/04/0932 KBW27C257Download
ATI3D Rage II+DVDPCI1997/10/0364 KBMX27C512Card P/N: 113-40109-100
Second 32KB of ROM is empty (not overdumped, honest!)
ATIMach64PCI1995/08/0364 KBMX27C512Card P/N: 113-32103-102Download
ATIMach64 GT (Mac)PCI64 KB27C512Card P/N: 113-33205-115
ROM is for PowerPC Mac.
ATIRadeon HD 5870PCIe2010/03/28128 KBDumped from an XFX card.Download
ATIVGA Wonder XL24ISA1992/07/2832 KB (x2)27C256 (x2)Card P/N: 112-14318-102
BIOS is split into Even/Odd chips.
Cirrus LogicGD5422ISAv1.00d32 KB27256Dumped from a Boca Research branded card.
First half of ROM is even bytes, second half odd bytes.
Cirrus LogicGD5426VLBv2.0432 KBM27C256BDumped from a Diamond Speedstar Pro VL 1MB.
First half of ROM is even bytes, second half odd bytes.
Cirrus LogicGD5428ISAv1.41a32 KB27256Dumped from a Boca Research ISA SuperX.
First half of ROM is even bytes, second half odd bytes.
RadiusPrecisionColor 24XpNuBusv1.4232 KB27256Chip labelled "NEC Mac FB 24XP"Download
RadiusPrecisionColor 8-24XNuBusv1.0232 KB27256Download
S3Trio64V2-DXPCIv1.01.1264 KB27C512Dumped from an APAC S3775.Download
S3ViRGE DXPCIv1.01.0364 KBW27E257-12Dumped from an APAC S3375.Download
Tseng LabsET4000AXISA1992/02/2832 KB (x2?)27C256 (x2?)Dumped from a Cardex TSVGA.
Contains main BIOS and sync BIOS. Not 100% sure on the Sync BIOS size-- chip is unmarked. I dumped it as a 27256 but it's probably an overdump.
Tseng LabsET6000PCIv1.1-932 KBAT27C256RDumped from an STB Lightspeed 128.Download

CompanyModelBoard RevisionBIOS TypeVersion/DateSizeROM typeNotesDownload
or 1989/09/15
32 KB (x2)27256 (x2)BIOS is split into Even/Odd chips.
The date 1989/03/20 is at the top of the ROM, but the date 1989/09/15 can be found at the end of the ROM.
This board was dead so I don't know which date, if any, shows on screen.
Diamond Flower Inc.386-25,33,40-UCERevision AAMIBIOS1991/07/0764 KBSMJ27C512Download
Digital Equipment CorporationDECpc 466d2 MTAMIBIOSv1.01128 KBM27C1001This also contains the VGA BIOS for the onboard S3 924 video.Download
GemlightGMB-486UNPv1.10AMIBIOS1992/11/1164 KBHN27C512GDownload
Leading EdgeModel DDC-2011
P/N 2105004103
16 KB27128Download
PC ChipsM558v3.2AMIBIOS1995/07/15128 KBW29C010Download
ZidaTomato 4DPSv2.0AwardBIOSv1.40
128 KBTMS27C010ADownload

Storage Controllers
CompanyModelBusVersion/DateSizeROM typeNotesDownload
PromiseEIDEMAXISAv1.1732 KB27C256Can be used as an option ROM for extended IDE support (up to ~8GB drives only)Download
PromiseUltra33PCIv1.2064 KBM27C512Download

CompanyModelDevice TypeVersion/DateSizeROM typeNotesDownload
SonyCDU-55SSCSI CD-ROM Drivev1.0t
64 KBM27C512Download